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Hannity Live with CJ Chatroom. (Live Page)

  • How to register.
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    For the Nightly shows you can chat here on our website with Jim as Jim will be at his desktop and able to see your comments. But at other times Jim might not be at his desktop like when he does his mid day talks from the Park near work or from his back porch or somewhere not his desktop then he can't see your comments on our website. The best place to chat with Jim when he is not at his desktop is on Twitch. Twitch is where we host his videos and by just going to his page there you can both watch and chat live with Jim. MAKE NOTE when you first enter his page there you wil have a short ad play just let it play then Jim goes live. If you need help registering just watch this video to register for Twitch.

  • How to register for Twitch.

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