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ALERT: After an issue came up last night between Susie and Myself I advised Jim of my decision to kick Susie and he made the decision to pull the plug on the website all together.

I paid for this website and and I do not appriciate being told I am getting the codes to slow or asking if I am here when I clearly am here. When I advised Susie she was stepping over the bounds she opted to state she was going to close her profiles down. I told her that was her choice and she told me to F-Off.

I advised Jim of what transpired and he advised me to pull the plug. It's been a chain of events leading to this point where children want to play these little games as if the adults can't see all. It started with Annie back stabbing Jim and forming a separate group then led to Tim coming in and attacking in that case Susie who I stood with! Then Annie's son Michael showing up to cause trouble and we have screen shots of it all! And then Susies little departure act last night! The plug is here by officially pulled.

How things return when Jim returns to Facebook is up to Jim as even he is sick and tired of the little children that want to play games rather then get serious about the issues our nation faces!

Thank You all for joining and the ball is now in Jim's court as to what he plans to do when and if he returns!

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