InfinitySN Class Action Lawsuit against facebook

As many of you are away Facebook has gotten way out of control with how they censor anything conservative while letting the left post anything they wish up to and including death threats.

To combat these actions taken by Facebook the CEO of Infinitysn Steve Vulich is taking Facebook to court in a Class Action lawsuit.

On December 31, 2018 Steve went live on InfinitySN’s Facebook page to break down why he is doing this.

He plans to hold Facebook accountable for the censorship that is rampant on Facebook of anyone who posts pro Trump conservative view points!

Steve also has a petition asking that Facebook be held accountable as well as a GoFundMe page to help fund the lawsuit against Facebook.

So please help by signing the petition and sharing the above information and if you can afford it please consider donating to help fund the Class Action lawsuit against Facebook!

Help Support Steve and InfinitySN to grow to rival Facebook and give users the true freedom of speech and expression that is their by birth!

Join Infinitysn!